Structure de mise en forme 2 colonnes
  • Sunday 07 March 2021
  • Paper/presentation detailsSpeakerPartnerEvent titleDatePlace
    A Flash Light in EuropeLivio BaldiNUMONYXENIAC Forum2007Budapest, Hungaria
    TaN metal gate damage during high-k (Al2O3) high-temperature etchJ. PaulCNTMNE0815/09/08 - 18/09/08Athens, Greece
    ESREF29/09/08 - 02/10/08Maastricht, The Netherlands
    Electrical characterization of Zirconium Oxide
    and Lanthanum Aluminate for applications in
    non-volatile memories
    Gabriele CongedoCNRMIGAS 2008 Summer school: "Nanoscale CMOS and Si-based Beyond CMOS Nanodevices"28/06/08 - 04/07/08Grenoble, France
    Application of Franz Dispersion Relation in Simulations
    of Tunneling Transport in MIS and SONOS/TANOS Structures
    M. I. VexlerTUBSIWDTF-08 - Dielectric Thin Films for Future ULSI Devices: Science and Technology"05/11/08 - 07/11/08Tokyo, Japan
    Characterization of high dielectric constant materials for applications in next generation non-volatile memoriesG. CongedoCNRSeminar, Lecce University10/11/2008Lecce, Greece
    Accurate program simulation of TANOS charge
    trapping devices
    Thomas MeldeCNT, TUBAFNVMTS200815/11/2008Monterey, USA
    poster presentationLivio BaldiNUMONYXICT event 2008Lyon, France
    GOSSAMER presentationIMST 2008 workshop on Flash memories26/11/08 - 27/11/08
    IEEE SISC11/12/08 - 13/12/08San Diego, USA
    “A new physics-based model for TANOS memories program/erase,” A. Mauri, C. Monzio Compagnoni, S. Amoroso , A. Maconi , F. Cattaneo, A. Benvenuti, A. S. Spinelli , A. L. LacaitaA. MauriIUNET, NUMONYXIEEE IEDM, San Francisco, CA, USA15/12/08 - 17/12/08San Francisco, USA
    Impact of the Charge Transport in the Conduction
    Band on the Retention of Si?Nitride Based Memories
    E.VianelloIUNETESSDERC14/09/2008-18/09/2008Athens, Greecs

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