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  • Friday 22 January 2021

  • Alma Consulting Group is an Operational Consulting Company, which innovation department, settled both in Lyon and Paris, is specialized since 1994, in the engineering and coordination of collaborative international R&D projects.


    Key people involved

    Alma Consulting Group will be dedicated to day-to-day (operational) management of the project (including more particularly Administrative and financial management activities, animation of the consortium, communication policy between and in-between participants, maintenance of the intra-consortium website?).

    In particular, Alma Consulting Group will participate in :

    • The setting-up of technical, administrative and financial reports according to EC requirements; technical and project committees ;

    • The communication policy between and in-between participants;

    • The management policy and setting-up of appropriate rules (through a consortium agreement or bilateral agreements;

    • The strategic orientation of the project with respect of the objectives of the project and interest of the participants. The strategy of a partner may change in the course of the project, it is important to take care that the changing strategy of one partner does not affect the whole project and its objectives;

    • Other activities through the creation of a Project Identity Set.

    Expertise in these activities / previous experience :
    In the FP6, Alma Consulting Group is partner of 50 projects (17 Integrated Projects, 23 Strep, 10 SME projects).
    Alma Consulting Group is coordinating or participating in 5 Specific Support Actions mainly dedicated to support SME to be part of FP6/FP7 projects.
    Alma Consulting Group is also involved in national or trans-governmental projects (Eurêka).