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  • Thursday 21 January 2021

  • Jordan Valley is the leader in X-Ray based In-Line metrology tools for the semiconductor industry.  Jordan Valley was a pioneer in bringing X-Ray metrology in to the in-line metrology world in early 2000.  It was the first company ever to bring technologies such as XRR, XRF and SAXS to the fab for in line measurements. 

    Key people involved
    • Tzachi Rafaeli

    Today these technologies are used on product wafers for a wide range of Metal and Dielectric applications. JV has a significant install base of tools at the most advanced wafer Fabs, all over the world, including Logic, Flash and DRAM.  Jordan Valley tools are found in Fabs with the most advanced processes and design rules currently in use.

    Jordan Valley has participated as an active partner in various EU funded programs such as SEA-NET under the scope of advanced X-ray equipment metrology development and validation and realized significant benefits as a result of these programs. As a result of these projects, end users such as CEA-LETI and NUMONYX Microelectronics were exposed to new metrology technologies and their benefits. Out of these programs, Jordan Valley has gained from the experience of world class IC manufactures such as NUMONYX Microelectronics.