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  • Thursday 21 January 2021
  • ASM Europe BV (the Netherlands)

    ASM Europe BV was founded in 1973 in Bilthoven, the Netherlands, as development and production site for ASM front-end equipment in Europe. Eventually the Bilthoven site did not offer enough space to be able to produce the required number of systems and the company moved to two new facilities, one cleanroom building for production, the other for R&D and other functions in Almere, the Netherlands at the beginning of the century.

    Currently two product families are being developed here:

    • The A4xx family of vertical furnaces, for 150-200mm (A400) and 300mm processes (A412). Many different processes are qualified, including atmospheric, LPCVD and ALD processes, in the temperature range of 150 till 1300 °C, both for 150-200 as well as for 300mm wafers.

    • Secondly: the Levitor RTP system, which is based upon a novel concept to anneal wafers very fast and very accurately and repeatedly in the range of 350 to 1150 °C with highly reduced power consumption. These systems are available in 200 and 300mm versions.

    Key people involved
    • GertJan Snijders

    ASM Belgium NV (Belgium)


    ASM Belgium NV was incorporated in 2000 as the Process Application Development department of ASM International, the ASM holding entity in the Netherlands. Located on the IMEC campus in Leuven, 27 Belgium engineers develop and demonstrate CVD, ALCVD and PECVD deposition processes for the ASM products. For this, ASM Belgium owns or has direct access to a complete set of 200 and 300mm ASM tools such as the A400 and A412 vertical LPCVD furnace, 200 and 300 mm Levitor RTA, 200 and 300 mm Polygon/Pulsar high-k-metal cluster tools, 200 and 300mm Epsilon Epitaxial Silicon reactors and 300 mm Eagle PECVD. ASM Belgium has participated in various European Programs.

    Key people involved
    • Dr. Cornelius (Kees) van der Jeugd

    ASM Microchemistry Oy (Finland)

    ASM Microchemistry, a Finland-based company of 10 people, is solely an R&D site that concentrates on the emerging Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology providing quality thin film solutions for the latest, as well as future, semiconductor device designs. It originated from Microchemistry a Finish start-up, founded by Suntala, the inventor of the ALD principle (basic patents 1978-1983).in 1987. In 1999 ASM International became the owner of the company.

    ASM Microchemistry has a number of R&D tools – four 200mm ALD reactors integrated with automatic wafer handlers that are located in the clean room environment, two stand-alone ALD reactor capable of processing up to 300mm wafers of which one is a mini-batch reactor, and two stand-alone small scale research reactors. The personnel of ASMM have in average more than 10 years experience in ALD technology in both reactor and process technology.

    Key people involved
    • Dr. Tech. Marko Tuominen