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  • Friday 22 January 2021

  • Micron Semiconductors Italia S.r.l. (previously Numonyx Italy S.r.l.) designs and manufactures a full complement of integrated NOR, NAND and Phase Change non-volatile memory technologies and products to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of customers in the cellular and embedded markets.

    Key people involved
    • Dr. Livio Baldi
    • Dr. Roberto Bez
    • Paulo Tessariol

    Numonyx was born in 2008 by the merging of the technology and manufacturing expertise of the Flash memory divisions of Intel Corporation and STMicroelectronics, with the purpose to develop and manufacture high density, low power memory technologies and packaging solutions to a global base of customers. Since May 2010 Numonyx Italy S.r.l. has become part of the Micron Group, and in addition to manufacturing and assembly facilities previously owned by Numonyx B.V. in Israel, Singapore and Far East, it can now rely on the manufacturing support by Micron group. From May 2011 the name of the company has changed from Numonyx S.r.l. to Micron Semiconductors Italia S.r.l..
    Micron is one of the world's leading semiconductor companies. Founded in October 1978, in Boise, ID, USA the company has wholly owned wafer fabrication facilities in Boise, Idaho, Manassas, Virginia, Kiryat Gat, Israel, Agrate and Avezzano, Italy, Nishiwaki City, Japan, and Singapore; wholly owned assembly and test operations in Boise, Idaho, Xi’an, China, Muar, Malaysia, and Singapore; and memory module assembly operations in Boise, Idaho, Scotland, Singapore and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. In Fiscal Year 2010 its net sales reached 8.5 billion US$ and it has roughly 20,000 employees worldwide (excludes contractors, temps, and JV employees).
    Micron Semiconductors Italia has about 1700 employees distributed over three locations: Agrate Brianza, Avezzano and Catania.
    Micron Semiconductors Italia technology research activities are performed in the R2 Technology Center in Agrate Brianza (Italy).  Fully refurbished, expanded and converted to 200mm wafers, it is now an up-to-date Pilot Line with 6860m2 of Class 1 clean room, fully equipped to support NVM development beyond the 45nm technology node. At the moment the R2 technology center is assisting in the ramp-up of 45nm NOR Flash and 45nm Phase-Change Memory generations, and developing new architectures for memories of the 32nm and 22m generation.
    The Agrate R2 activity encompasses prototyping, pilot and volume production of the newly developed technologies with the objective to accelerate process industrialization and time to market. The R2 technology Center also supports STMicroelectronics in the development of Smart Power and 90nm embedded Flash technologies.
    Micron Semiconductors Italia is also active in numerous collaborative research projects worldwide as well as playing a key role in Europe’s advanced technology research programs such as CATRENE, ENIAC JU and the framework programs of the European Union. It is also a leader in important forward-looking industry initiatives such as AENEAS, the no-profit organization supporting the European Technology Platform for Nanoelectronics, and ESIA, the European Semiconductor Industry association.